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Management Training and Support

Success with Six Sigma starts at the top. Outstanding Six Sigma success stories have one thing in common – they carefully aligned Six Sigma with corporate strategy, with specific financial goals. All key executives were thoroughly trained and engaged. Key business needs and targets were identified, and Champions were identified and tasked to develop well thought-out deployment and communication plans.

Six Sigma Training

A complete suite of Six Sigma applied learning – designed from the ground up with relevant application examples and case studies. Our unique approach integrates Product and Service Design improvement (DFSS) and ongoing process improvement (DMAIC). All of our training and certification programs are based on an action learning model that emphasizes immediate application – reinforcing the learning while bringing results to the business bottom line.

Six Sigma Support and Results Realization

Success with Six Sigma is maximized when effective mentoring and problem solving advice complements formal training. Our team supports all levels of the organization with coaching as needed to ensure a smooth deployment process and success with Six Sigma projects.

Software Engineering Training and Workshops

We integrate Six Sigma with industry best practices and standards, including the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI®), IEEE, ISO, and the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

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