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Six Sigma Advantage, Inc. helps clients achieve breakthrough improvements in services, products, and the technologies that drive them. We provide training Certification Courses, education and Consulting Services related to product and service improvements for all levels of the organization.

Investment Planning

In Six Sigma since its inception at Motorola, participating in the creation and evolution of Six Sigma’s first wave (Manufacturing), second wave (Services/Transactional) and the third wave for Software and Technology applications.

Investment Planning

In software since the early 1960’s, managing large teams and businesses. Extensive experience in Engineering and New Product Development in a variety of industries.

Safe And Secure

We have worked with the biggest and the best worldwide, including GE, Motorola, Digital Equipment Corporation, Seagate Technologies, and many others. We have successfully applied Six Sigma to Transactional, Software, and Technology in a wide range of industries.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Six Sigma Advantage, Inc. is committed to meeting the product and process improvement needs of local and multi-national organizations throughout the world. To that end we have created a global network of alliances with carefully chosen organizations that work with us to offer training and support in geographical proximity to major business centers worldwide.

Certification courses

Certification courses provided by Six Sigma Advantage include Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt courses with emphasis on product and service design improvement (DFSS) and on-going product/process improvement (DMAIC).

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We have our own style of doing things and we are really proud about what we are doing. We are unique in the market. Never one like us before nor after. 

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You will never regret your choice by picking us. Drop us a message to know more.

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