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Success with Six Sigma starts at the top. Outstanding Six Sigma success stories have one thing in common – careful outlined goals and specific attainable targets. It’s important to have checkpoints and end goals in sight, they give you something to work for and feelings of accomplishment. Consistent training and activities are important in our employees, you should get the same quality services every time. Through all steps of any plan we take part in, we ensure quality and control. Our management are all very capable of moving around and handling many different issues.


Six Sigma Training


A complete suite of Six Sigma applied learning – designed from the ground up with relevant application examples and case studies. Our unique approach integrates Product and Service Design improvement (DFSS) and ongoing process improvement (DMAIC). All of our training and certification programs are based on an action learning model that emphasizes immediate application – reinforcing the learning while bringing results to the business bottom line. We try to make learning as fun as we can, it makes the entire process so much more enjoyable.


Six Sigma Support and Results Realization


The success you’ll experience with Six Sigma is maximized with our effective mentoring and problem solving techniques in unison with great standardized training. We try to keep all areas of our business growing and learning at all times, letting one area lag behind could spell disaster for the others, as they must all work in unison.

Software Engineering Training and Workshops


We integrate Six Sigma with industry best practices and standards, including the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI®), IEEE, ISO, and the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Having the best systems makes it that much easier to do the best work, and that’s important to us.


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