Voice of the Customer Workshop

Course Description
A hands-on workshop for teams and individuals interested in gathering better information from internal and external customers and acting on it more effectively.

Covers VOC data gathering, from the important early planning, through development of learning objectives, interview and visit plans, and discussion guides. Interview skills are developed, and practiced in special ways, for uncovering customer context and needs data most useful to the project, at the right level of detail. After the data is collected, important distillation methods are taught, enabling participants to translate clear, measurable requirements.

Available in two forms:
* 2 days – Free standing, using workshop-provided examples and exercises (for teams without VOC project work at hand)
* 3 days – Integrating team VOC project work, developing VOC data gathering plans and practicing their implementation.

Agenda available on request

Project teams and individuals (in marketing, engineering, or management) with responsibilities and special interest in better understanding and addressing the needs of internal end external customers.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion participants will be able to:
– Clearly articulate the learning objectives for VOC data gathering
– Develop an effective discussion guide for customer visits and interviews
– Conduct interviews that yield the right information at the right level of detail
– Assess the quality and quantity of VOC data gathered, deciding when enough has been collected
– Process VOC data transcripts to improve their clarity, usefulness to the project, and trace-ability
– Distill VOC data to uncover important messages and dynamics
– Translate ‘raw’ context and needs VOC data into readily review-able, measurable requirements