Deployment Assessment for Six Sigma (DASS)

Service Description 
Once the early excitement and attention of a new initiative wanes, organizational priorities often shift to new issues and initiatives. While this is normal and to be expected, if it occurs before the new initiatives methodology is institutionalized, the methods and desired results are at risk.

DASS is a cousin of RASS which helps an organization monitor its on-going performance against the known critical success factors, behaviors, and VOC / VOB performance thresholds. Through an organizational, on-line surveying technique the system will regularly review the actual working behaviors and practices of the organization and compare them to known best practices. Through a user friendly Graphical User Interface the system will highlight differences in organizational performance and highlight pockets of excellence for replication.

This differs from Project and Deployment Management tools in that it actually is observing organizational behaviors and reactions to the initiative versus project or individual results. Both are needed to assure institutionalization of a system.

Agenda available on request

· All Employees from Senior Executives to Individual Contributors

Learning Objectives
Upon completion participants will be able to:
· Understand it’s actual initiative behaviors and Critical Success Factors versus best practices.
· Differentiate behaviors and performance between functions, groups and internal organizational layers.
· Highlight areas of strength for replication across the broader organization (“Self Healing”).
· Identify areas of weakness to focus action plans and resources.