Readiness Assessment for Six Sigma (RASS)

Service Description 
All organizations have a unique history, culture and set of experiences, which ultimately determine how they implement initiatives and react under stress. Some organizations are highly reactive (fire fighters) while others have a more proactive approach.

When implementing a large initiative it is often useful to characterize organizational methods and behaviors, compare them to best practices and understand differences between groups within the organization. This allows the organization to identify early risk factors and mitigation strategies prior to implementation. This also helps with deployment design by helping to prioritize areas or organizations at higher stages of readiness for early adoption.

Two versions of RASS are available to help with this. An interview based process (which takes a small cross-sectional sample of the organization) and a web based system (which can quickly assimilate and characterize up to 100% of the organization and produce color graphic, on line representations of the data.)

Each product relies on a “best practices” database, which has been generated by industry professionals over a period of 20 years. The populations are then interviewed (or surveyed) against a list of “Ideal Starting Conditions” or ISC’s. Each ISC has associated scoring criteria, open ended and multiple-choice questions. The resulting scores and characterizations are then used to create action plans and / or design the best deployment for the organization, thus improving probability of early and long-term success.

Agenda available on request

· All Employees from Senior Executives to Individual Contributors

Learning Objectives
Upon completion participants will be able to:
· Understand the initial Ideal Starting Conditions (ISC’s) and best practices
· Know the gaps between their company performance and industry best practices
· Identify areas of Strength and Weakness within their organization