Presentation Skills

Course Description 
A 2-day hands-on workshop for learning and practicing effective presentation skills.

In today’s business environment we are called on to make all manner of presentations, from informal ‘off the cuff’ discussions, to meetings, to more formal conferences and seminars. This workshop helps participants explore the dynamics and proven best approaches for all those presentation challenges. As this topic is best understood through action learning, participants are given a series of short presentation assignments which are reviewed and debriefed constructively.

Agenda available on request

Managers, team leaders, and any individuals who find presentations important in their work.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion participants will be able to:
– Scope the kinds of presentation(s) they need to understand and practice
– Understand their audience
– Build a useful presentation plan – tailored, as appropriate, for the audience
– Use the right presentation tools effectively:
– Flip charts, PowerPoint
– Gage audience reaction and involvement
– Observe their own presentation strengths and gaps
– Create an ongoing presentation learning and improvement plan