You do not just pick-up the phone and hire someone like a web designer based on one conversation alone. New marketers who do this are frequently at a loss for how to evaluate or assess a potential freelancer. Well then, read all of this very carefully so you can get tuned-up on the process.

A lot of things have come and gone on the net such as Flash, but back in the day everybody had it. If there is no use for Flash on your site, then we strongly urge you to avoid it for numerous reasons. What we generally feel is a very high percentage of people detest Flash for a variety of reasons. It makes your website slow and makes the navigation difficult, and even the search engines don’t index and rank sites that are built with flash. There is tremendous utility with keeping things relatively simple and focusing on the user experience which is most important.

Maybe you are thinking that a good designer will have a fast turnaround time, and you will be in action in just a few days, or even a week. We know this is not what you want to hear, but the best designers will be busy which means you must be patient about the process. This is just the way it is, and it is that way because they are busy – nothing more to it, actually. On the other hand, if a web designer is able to give you quick results by designing/launching your website sooner than others, then it doesn’t mean that he/she is bad. These are the real problems that you will come across, and so it is best to know what to expect.

Once you know what you want from your web designer and have your budget setup, it’s time to shortlist potential web designers that would be suitable for the job. One other really very good idea is to record all your thoughts on them so you can compare notes later on. You will need to create your own criteria based on what is most important to you. The more organized you are in your approach right from the start, the better results you’ll be able to achieve when you actually get down to hiring a good designer.

If this is your first site, then just be careful and learn more about hiring a web designer. The more you focus on quality, the better it is for you.