Learning SEO or search engine optimization techniques is your ticket to higher rankings in the search engines. The more you learn, the higher your rankings will be. What you should do for search engine rankings is part of the learning process. But what you should really be learning is what not to do. To improve your SEO, there are many mistakes that you can make. It’s no fun to hurt yourself when you’re trying to help yourself. This article will show you several of the largest mistakes that SEO people make to help you with your own search engine optimization efforts.

The first place to begin is writing content for search engine spiders to find. This is different from writing content that is designed to make your readers happy. Sometimes near the footer, or even at the end of an actual article, Internet Marketers will try to trick the search engines by adding blocks of text stuffed with keywords – this is a huge mistake! When people do this, their attempt is to trick the spiders into indexing the new page or post. Hyperlinks are often included with the blocks of text.

When they find this, the spiders will understand keyword stuffing has occurred. Your ranking can actually suffer because of it!

The first thing to consider is whether or not Google tracks your activities. It is assumed that Google monitors everyone’s SEO activities, yet no one has actual hard data on whether or not this is actually happening. Still, it would be dumb to act as if they didn’t. Any type of a traffic spike, such as using an auto submitter and getting thousands of links back to your site in a day, might not be the best course of action. Google will definitely see something like that. This is where you might be declared as some type of spammer. Rebuilding after such an event will be very difficult because of how Google will perceive you. It is best to always assume that Google is monitoring your activities when you do anything with SEO.

Failing to do inner linking using your chosen keywords. You know that you need to link between your own pages to help with your SEO efforts. Using your primary keywords, you will benefit the most, especially in regard to ranking for profitable keywords. When using keyword based links to link to other pages, make sure that page is properly optimized for that keyword. Your home page should also have these links. We recommend using the sidebar for this. This gets your links to appear on every page, not just the home page, once they’re posted.

When doing Internet Marketing, your success will be directly related to the SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques that you implement. You must do this the right way. Even though you can find SEO documentation on what you need to do, very few articles will tell you what you should always stay away from.

This article was written to show you what to avoid, things that will only lead to difficulties and lost time. Mistakes are actually good! As long as you learn from them. Learning from the mistakes others have made is even better.