The more user friendly your site or blog is, then you’ll find that people tend to stay on it longer. How you get this done is maybe not so important as what matters most is that your site has this quality. I bet you did not know a lot about this because it’s not an exciting topic. If you want your site visitors to stick around and read your content and become customers, then you’ll pay attention and use this information.

There are only a handful of fonts that are considered to be acceptable for use on a site in the main content area. These are Arial, Verdana, and others and many sites skip the serif varieties, you’ve seen serifs which have the solid curly cues on them. There are also considerations for the number of different fonts on your site. Most experts will recommend no more than four different font types, but this depends on how much information your site has and the general layout. If this is your first business blog, then there’s no need to try and get fancy about it.

It is important to prove that you are better than the competition but you already know that.

There are lots of ways that you can do this but it is important that you do it as best you can. To do this, you need to make absolutely sure that people who visit your website know precisely what it is that you have to offer. This is something that is important to every visitor your website gets. Not only do they want to know what you’ve got to offer, they want to know how it will be of benefit to them. Have a logo with a short tag line under it on the upper left either in the header or just under it. That is one informational device down and your site’s title and introductory paragraph can take care of the rest.

Clarity matters just as much as structure and organization when it comes to your home page.

Their starting point shouldn’t be unclear. When your processes are clear it will be easy for people to follow them and to take advantage of your basic offers. People who use the Internet have been conditioned to expect to see a few informational pages on every website they visit. You can think of these as unrelated to the content that you have to offer. They are the mostly standard business site pages like help, FAQ, contact and about pages. These are pages that must be at least listed on your home page and they should be easy to access from every page on your site.

Keep in mind that a user friendly site is one that contains good usability methods. Your time on site metrics will skyrocket, hopefully, and then that will make you look good. No more wondering what you can do to make your business performance improve. You have every reason to be optimistic about what is in store for you, so get to work on it.